What An Amazing Summer!

Getting to be a part of a ministry is always an incredible experience, especially if that ministry is focused on sharing the gospel and telling people about Jesus.

The ministry of CEF of Montana does just that and it has been an awesome experience to be a part of.

The summer started off with a lot of planning and preparation. It was enjoyable watching the leaders come together and come up with ideas or have sudden bursts of inspiration. Even the tedious work of putting materials together for training had an element of excitement to it.


Intern training was filled with a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. The interns came and learned together, but they also enjoyed each other’s company. They encouraged one another and even pushed each other to grow in their relationship with God.



CYIA came quickly afterward and was a fun, crazy, tiring, and encouraging two weeks. Each of the teens had a passion to share the gospel and pushed through the hard work in their own way. They all had their own personal struggles to overcome, but each one left the training a slightly different person than when they came.

The rest of the summer passed quickly as the staff, teens, and interns did clubs each week. Everyone worked hard at teaching the kids each day, bringing the importance of believing in Jesus with each story, lesson, verse, and song. It was tiring, hot, hard work, and took a lot of energy and trust in God. But they all pushed through, knowing the importance of the work they did.

There were 46 clubs put on this summer and 4 VBSs.

880 kids came to those clubs or VBSs. 1140 people came to the rallies at the end of each week.

Kids all over Montana heard the good news about Jesus. Several asked Jesus to be their savior.

God did some amazing work through the teens and interns this summer!

As soon as the last cubs were over many of the teens came to the Billings Fair where they worked all week, painting faces and sharing the gospel with hundreds of kids each day.

3,468 faces were painted at the fair. Each of those kids was given a chance to hear the gospel. If the parents or grandparents came in with the kids, they also heard the gospel.

It was a long and exhausting week, but it was worth the effort.

Jesus told us to go into all the world and share the gospel. This command isn’t just limited to a few people. It is for everyone who follows Jesus. CEF of Montana’s goal is to share the gospel and to equip others to do so as well.

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