Summer of 2019: Billings Fair

Hundreds of kids have come into CEF’s caboose at the Billings Fair. Hundreds of kids have had their faces painted. Hundreds of kids have heard the gospel.

The CYIAers have been working hard, but have enjoyed getting to work with the kids.

Whether they are painting faces, opening doors, or calling the kids in the teens have all played an important role in the work God has been doing here at the fair.

We’ve had thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings, sunshine, heat, cool nights, and lots of fun.

We sang songs together in the caboose during the thunderstorms, and we’ve sung songs out front to draw the kids in.

Everyone has been safe though and we’ve all enjoyed the adventure together.

The week isn’t over, and we’ll paint a lot more faces before the week is out.

Please pray that everyone stays healthy and continues to rely on God for each kid that they talk to.



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