Protect My Ministry

Please read through this and then click the link at the bottom of the page to initiate the background check

Be ready to:      

  • Give 4 references with Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Give a Pastor/church leader, Personal not related, Previous employer as references
  • Spend 15-20 minutes viewing and reading aspects of CEF’s Child Protection Policy

(If you would like to read the Child Protection Policy, Statement of Faith, Worker’s Compliance Agreement and view the Protecting Today’s Child video before you enter the background website you can click on these links)

Child Protection Policy                                        Statement of Faith   

Worker’s Compliance Agreement                     Protecting Today’s Child


Help to fill out background check information on Protect My Ministries website

Page 1    

Fill out the first application page and then click on the “NEXT” button

Page 2    

You will have some yes or no questions to answer. If answer is yes, enter the information into the box.

In a couple of the boxes, if the answer is no, you will need to type in “No” in the box in order to go on to the next question.

You will be asked if you have read or viewed 4 different items.

They are the blue underlined objects. They are actually links to different pages from the website. Just click on each blue underlined item and read or view them. After reading or viewing them and you are in agreement, mark the yes option.

If you do not agree, you will not be able to participate with CEF.

Sample of what you will see…

  1. I have read the Child Protection Policy and viewed or heard (866-878-4182) the “Protecting Today’s Child” presentation AND
  2. I agree to follow the policies and procedures in handling any child abuse situations that may arise.

Answer  Yes or No

Click “NEXT” to go to next page.

Page 3    

This is the form giving us consent to do the background check                                                

Fill in full name, check “I agree”                                                                                            


Page 4                                  

Confirms you have completed the process

Thank you for desiring to be a part of sharing the gospel with children and going through this process to ensure the safety of the children!

 Please click on “Protect My Ministry” to initiate the background check process!