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We offer training based on our 80 plus years of ministry experience working with children!

We simply want to be a tool the local church uses!

We offer training based on our 80 plus years of ministry experience working with children!

Do your children’s workers:

· Know how to lead a child to Christ so the child truly understands and makes that decision without any form of pressure or coercion

· Know how to teach both lost and saved children in the same class

· Know how to teach bible stories in an evangelistic or discipleship focus

· Need classroom management skills

· Teach in engaging ways

· Know age related characteristics of children

Prospective children’s workers…

Training can many times give folks who are considering working with children the confidence to step up and serve!

4 Basic areas of Training

1. Gospel Shared With Children

How do you share the gospel so they understand and counsel them so they are not pressured to respond? Learn how to incorporate the gospel into Bible stories and make it relatable to the child.

2. Classroom Assistance

Understanding more about who children are to be able to teach them effectively! Keeping them engaged and having fun! Classroom tips to remove distractions and improve the classroom ambiance

3. Growth for the Saved Child

Teaching children basic principles for their life as a child of God. Includes: prayer, life set apart, sharing the gospel, victory in Christ and other key elements

4. Heart of the Teacher

What should the heart of the teacher be like? What kind of impact can they have on children? Can God use me to teach children?

What would training look like?

We have some initial trainings we would recommend and suggested time frames. Ultimately we will work with the church because:

· Training can be done in a variety of time frames

· Training can be done weekdays or weekends

· Training can be tailored to what the church needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the church?

CEF of Montana does not charge for our services. We simply come and train.

How does CEF fund this ministry?

We believe God provides funding for His ministry. We trust God’s people and churches to give to our ministry as He leads them.

What time frame is needed to set up a training time?

We are very flexible with working with the church to make it happen. Just depends on our schedules as to how soon we can do it.

Can you tailor the training for our needs?

We offer a variety of topics and will work with the church to meet the needs you have.

How many trainers do you bring?

A normal training team would usually consist of at least 2-4 staff.

How many people can you train at one time?

We are usually only limited to the seating capacity of the place we are doing the training

Does CEF of Montana provide training materials?

We do provide notes for the training and other items.

Feel free to contact CEF of Montana with any questions!

Contact Information

PO Box 1194 Manhattan MT 59741



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