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Church Promo Video (Volunteers)

Why is it so hard for churches to get volunteers?
Have you ever made excuses as to why you can’t be a part of ministry in your church and community?

Most excuses come down to two things.
1. We make many things a higher priority than serving God
2. We allow fear to keep us from serving God

Only you can choose to make the right priorities in your life and to be equipped to serve God

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Montana works through the local church to help prepare you to do ministry for children.
We can also provide assistance to help you do a VBS like ministry in your church during the summer.
We can also help you start a school year ministry.

For more information you can look at the “Churches” tab above.

Do You Wonder Why?

This short video begins to answer questions that are on everyone’s minds: Why do so many bad things happen in the world? Why did God allow this to happen? How can I get through this terrible time? Excellent resource to help children through difficult times.

Why Children?

Why Children?

Three solid reasons to focus ministry toward children!

The 4-14 window

Statistics show that 70-80% of those who receive Jesus as savior do so in 4-14 age group. If you had a business and could identify the people group that would give you the most success, where would you focus your attention?


It is an understood fact that generally speaking, most people today form their worldview by the age of 13. This should give us a sense of urgency to fully train and equip children to help them have a Biblical worldview!

To be saved from a lifestyle of sin!

Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is made up of “childlike” people and that it takes a “childlike faith” to enter the Kingdom of God. I believe a big part of God’s plan is for salvation to come at an early age so the individual can be saved from a lifestyle of sin and be able to live a full godly life! It is a powerful testimony to know that we can be saved “out of” a lifestyle of sin at any age. Yet consider the hope and impact a life lived for God from childhood can have! Think about living a life without all the baggage from a lifestyle of sin.


Statistics show that a minimum of 60% of teens leave the faith after leaving home. 80% of people in general leave the church after age 29. Only 9% of adults have a Biblical worldview! Knowing all this plus the fact the majority of those who receive Jesus as savior are children and a big part of God’s plan is for His people to not have to be saved out of a lifestyle of sin but from a lifestyle of sin, should it not direct the church today to prioritize and intentionally focus ministry toward children?