Summer 2021!

This Summer CEF of Montana 
worked with 38 churches
to put on 42 VBSs!


Kids Came to These VBSs 

Each heard a face to face presentation of the gospel

28 Average per VBS


People Attended The Rallies

Where we also shared the gospel

59 Average per Rally


Faces Were Painted at
the Billings State Fair

While we shared the gospel

373 Average per day

Spruce The Caboose Fundraiser!

All summer we have been letting you know about our face painting caboose and the work that needs to be done on it. We were able to do all the repairs we wanted to get done and now we are using it at the fair!

The outside has been repainted and the top piece has been redone. The inside has been painted, had molding put in, and new LED lights added around the ceiling. New shelves have been built to better fit the space. A new air conditioning unit has been installed. The benches have been replaced with cushioned chairs for the painters. The signs have been updated out front. We have a new banner for out front with CEF of Montana’s logo.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping fix up the caboose! Please continue to pray for us as we paint faces and share the gospel at the fair this week! So far we have already painted over 1,900 faces!

CYIA 2021

We had 19 CYIAers who worked with us this summer!

6 of the teens were return CYIAers and 13 were first year students!

Each of these teens made a sacrifice to be at CYIA. From spending time away from family or not getting to have a summer job they all gave up something to come.

The teens did a great job this year! They worked hard and we saw them grow in their relationships with God over the summer! We couldn’t have done it without them!

Interns 2021!

We had 2 interns, Josiah and Eleanor, who worked with us this summer!

This was Josiah’s third summer as an intern! We appreciated his willingness and ability to step up and take on more responsibility each year.

This was Eleanor’s first summer as an intern. However, since she went to CYIA for several years in Utah, she quickly stepped up and became a great leader for our teenagers.

The interns helped with practicums, demonstrations, teaching, leading the teenagers, leading the VBSs, working with churches, and really helped make this summer a success!

Spruce The Caboose Fundraiser!

The CEF of Montana face painting caboose is an important tool for our summer ministry. For years it has been used to share the gospel with thousands of kids at the Montana State Fair in Billings, Montana

It’s been used for such a long time that it’s ready for some repairs and TLC (Tender Loving Care). It needs a new coat of paint and there are a couple leaks in the roof that have caused some damage that needs to be fixed.

That’s why CEF of Montana is having a fundraiser specifically for the caboose!

We know how much people love to see the caboose at the fair and we would love to keep bringing it!

If you would like to help us fix the caboose you can either give directly and use the fund dropdown to choose “Spruce the Caboose”, or you can buy any of the items from our Success ‘N Fundraising page where you can also support Montana made products!