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We simply want to be a tool the local church uses to reach their community!

School Year Ministry!

What is a Good News Club®?


A club that meets with groups of children in schools, homes, community centers, churches, apartment complexes, just about anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission. 

What’s in a Good News Club?

This action-packed time includes Bible lessons, songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson’s theme.

Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior. Every club also includes strong discipleship   training to build character and strengthen moral and spiritual growth.

Ministry of the Church!

Good News Club® (GNC) will be a ministry of the local church. CEF will train, equip and provide key aspects to this club for the church but it will simply be a ministry outreach of the local church!

Quick overview of the Church’s role

  • Carry out the actual ministry to the kids
  • A commitment of 14-26 weeks during the school year
  • Responsible for the workers for the club (7-10 folks)
  • Finances to facilitate the GNC
  • Work within the basics needed by CEF for a club to be called a GNC

Quick overview of CEF’s role

  • To help secure a school facility if GNC is to be in a school
  • Completing CEF’s Child Protection Policy for all workers including background checks
  • Provide the 8-hour initial training and follow up training
  • Order CEF curriculum and resources to be used in the GNC by the church

A CEF Ministry coordinator will be assigned to the church for the GNC. They will facilitate the partnership and will continue to communicate with the church in regards to the GNC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the church?

Good News Clubs do require our curriculum to be used. Initial resource pack for the year is about $90-$100. Each 6-week curriculum will be about  $40-$50. Snacks, prizes, any rental fees and etc. are taken care of by the church as well.

What is the required 8 hour training?

It is training on how to minister to children and how to use our GNC curriculum. Usually is done on a Saturday.

What does the 7-10 team members look like?

This team is made up of a leader/coordinator for the club. Those who can teach, lead music, do games, take care of administrative aspects and general helpers. The church is responsible for providing these workers.

Why does CEF require certain aspects to the GNC?

We are a nationally recognized program that takes place in public schools. This helps greatly to get into schools. We also provide the liability insurance for the clubs. This insurance requires us to have basic requirements to cover a GNC.

Is the church responsible for doing background checks?

CEF of Montana provides the background checks for all those who will participate in the club with the children.

Feel free to contact CEF of Montana with any questions!

Good News Club®

CEF of Montana Offering Training

Serving ChurchTraining





We simply want to be a tool the local church uses!

Free Training!

We offer training based on our 80 plus years of ministry experience working with children!

Do your children’s workers:

  • Know how to lead a child to Christ so the child truly understands and makes that decision without any form of pressure or coercion
  • Know how to teach both lost and saved children in the same class
  • Know how to teach evangelistic or discipleship Bible lessons
  • Need classroom management skills
  • Teach in engaging ways
  • Know age-related characteristics of children

Prospective children’s workers…

Training can many times give folks who are considering working with children the confidence to step up and serve!

5 Basic areas of Training

1. Evangelism

Includes Biblical basis for kids being saved! How do you share the gospel so they understand and counsel them so they are not pressured to respond? Teaching children how to share the gospel!

2. Child Study

Understanding more about who children are to be able to teach them effectively!

3. Teaching God’s Word to Kids!

Includes aspects of preparing yourself and learning how to present the lessons to impact lives.

4. Class Time

Includes a variety of teachings to help the teacher manage their classroom and ways to keep children engaged and having fun in the class!

5. Discipleship

Includes a variety of ways to help the children grow in their relationship with the Lord and serve Him.

What would training look like?

 We have some initial trainings we would recommend and suggested time frames. Ultimately we will work with the church because:

  • Training can be done in a variety of time frames
  • Training can be done weekdays or weekends
  • Training can be tailored to what the church needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the church?

CEF of Montana does not charge for our services. We simply come and train.

How does CEF fund this ministry?

We believe God provides funding for His ministry. We trust God’s people and churches to give to our ministry as He leads them.

What time frame is needed to set up a training time?

We are very flexible with working with the church to make it happen. Just depends on our schedules as to how soon we can do it.

Can you tailor the training for our needs?

We offer a variety of topics and will work with the church to meet the needs you have.

How many trainers do you bring?

A normal training team would usually consist of at least 2-4 staff.

How many people can you train at one time?

We are usually only limited to the seating capacity of the place we are doing the training

Does CEF of Montana provide training materials?

We do provide notes for the training and other items.


Feel free to contact CEF of Montana with any questions!

Contact Information

PO Box 974 Whitehall MT 59759
















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Acts 4:12 Fun!

This last summer was a lot of fun, and it all started off with CYIA training. The training was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun as well.

So, in order to show you how much fun we had, I figured we could show you some of the fun music we used for our clubs and the video we made to help us learn the actions for one of the songs.



Big Sky Celebration with Will Graham

Will Graham Big Sky Celebration of Hope

This weekend, September 6-8, the Big Sky Celebration with Will Graham is a huge event in Helena, Montana. There’s going to be speakers and concerts, and a lot of family-friendly fun.

CEF of Montana will be there too! Saturday, September 7, is the weekend’s KidzFest. There will be all kinds of activities just for the kids to have fun. CEF of Montana will be there painting faces, just like we did at the fair.

Come to the Lewis and Clark county fairgrounds and enjoy the fun activities and get your face painted by one of our CYIAers!

If you want to know more you can visit the official site here.

What An Amazing Summer!

Getting to be a part of a ministry is always an incredible experience, especially if that ministry is focused on sharing the gospel and telling people about Jesus.

The ministry of CEF of Montana does just that and it has been an awesome experience to be a part of.

The summer started off with a lot of planning and preparation. It was enjoyable watching the leaders come together and come up with ideas or have sudden bursts of inspiration. Even the tedious work of putting materials together for training had an element of excitement to it.


Intern training was filled with a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. The interns came and learned together, but they also enjoyed each other’s company. They encouraged one another and even pushed each other to grow in their relationship with God.



CYIA came quickly afterward and was a fun, crazy, tiring, and encouraging two weeks. Each of the teens had a passion to share the gospel and pushed through the hard work in their own way. They all had their own personal struggles to overcome, but each one left the training a slightly different person than when they came.

The rest of the summer passed quickly as the staff, teens, and interns did clubs each week. Everyone worked hard at teaching the kids each day, bringing the importance of believing in Jesus with each story, lesson, verse, and song. It was tiring, hot, hard work, and took a lot of energy and trust in God. But they all pushed through, knowing the importance of the work they did.

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There were 46 clubs put on this summer and 4 VBSs.

880 kids came to those clubs or VBSs. 1140 people came to the rallies at the end of each week.

Kids all over Montana heard the good news about Jesus. Several asked Jesus to be their savior.

God did some amazing work through the teens and interns this summer!

As soon as the last cubs were over many of the teens came to the Billings Fair where they worked all week, painting faces and sharing the gospel with hundreds of kids each day.

3,468 faces were painted at the fair. Each of those kids was given a chance to hear the gospel. If the parents or grandparents came in with the kids, they also heard the gospel.

It was a long and exhausting week, but it was worth the effort.

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Jesus told us to go into all the world and share the gospel. This command isn’t just limited to a few people. It is for everyone who follows Jesus. CEF of Montana’s goal is to share the gospel and to equip others to do so as well.

Summer of 2019: Billings Fair

Hundreds of kids have come into CEF’s caboose at the Billings Fair. Hundreds of kids have had their faces painted. Hundreds of kids have heard the gospel.

The CYIAers have been working hard, but have enjoyed getting to work with the kids.

Whether they are painting faces, opening doors, or calling the kids in the teens have all played an important role in the work God has been doing here at the fair.

We’ve had thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings, sunshine, heat, cool nights, and lots of fun.

We sang songs together in the caboose during the thunderstorms, and we’ve sung songs out front to draw the kids in.

Everyone has been safe though and we’ve all enjoyed the adventure together.

The week isn’t over, and we’ll paint a lot more faces before the week is out.

Please pray that everyone stays healthy and continues to rely on God for each kid that they talk to.

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Summer of 2019: Week 6

The week of August 5-9 was definitely packed for the CEF team.

Josiah led a team that went to Helena. Dave and his team went to Billings. Jennifer took a team to Deer Lodge. Chris led a team in Butte. Ayla led a team in Gardiner.

And to top it all off on Friday, August 9th the Billings Fair began. Some of us went straight from our rallies from the clubs to the fair and immediately started painting faces.

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We’ve had a couple of big storms come through at the fair, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from coming! Reinforcements cam on Sunday afternoon and now we have a full team ready to share the gospel with hundreds of children this week.


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