Intern Training and CYIA Preperations

Summer is coming! Even though the weather the last couple of days hasn’t really shown signs of it yet, summer is approaching quickly!

At the CEF of Montana office, that means that everyone has a lot to do. Dave and Chris have to make sure that everything is ready for the Intern Training next week, which means planning out classes and lessons and schedules. However, CYIA starts almost immediately after Intern Training and plans for that have been happening simultaneously.


If you don’t want to take my word for it, just look at everything littering the office. This isn’t the worst it’s looked and it’s likely to look worse in the future.

Between getting Five Day Club tubs organized, face painting brushes scattered across Dave’s desk, and Intern Binders being prepped on mine it definitely looks a bit hectic.

Yet Dave and Chris continue to work hard at making sure everything is ready. Plus Thom and Doug are busy as well, connecting with churches and getting them prepared for Five Day Clubs this summer.

Along with all of the work we trust that God has a big plan for this summer and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for all of us this summer. Weather for the staff, interns, CYIAers, or the kids that will come to the clubs. Each step, even the tiny details beforehand, are done trusting God to do the real work. Ultimately all the glory will go to Him.



CEF of Montana Board Training

    CEF of Montana has been growing and changing the last couple of years. One particular aspect of that change has been the board. Some members have retired from their positions and more member have been added on to replace them.


    Together the board members have been making important and essential decisions for CEF of Montana. They have all been doing a great job of considering what God has planned for CEF of Montana and seeking His wisdom for each decision they make.

    On April 26-27 the board gathered together to go through some training in the hopes that they might be able to improve the board’s functionality.

    Together they learned exactly what the role of the board is. They did a performance review to see if they are functioning as they should. Plus they were able to enjoy one another’s company in the process.

Board member, Jason Reese and his impression of State Director, Dave Howe

    Hopefully this weekend will strengthen CEF of Montana’s board so each member can be equipped to make wise choices, as well as how to better serve the ministry.



CEF Banquet A Success!



Purify my heart

Let me be as gold

and precious silver…

Refiner’s fire

My heart’s one desire

is to be holy…

set apart for you my master

ready to do your will

The word of this song came to mind as I listened to Gracia Burnham speak at the CEF Banquet last Saturday. She spoke of the days of her captivity, days full of running and sore feet, and days of boredom. Yet her prayer at the end of every day was “Thank you Lord!”

The part that stuck out to me the most was how Gracia saw herself during that time. She saw sides of herself that she didn’t like. A part of her that was hateful and covetous.

It’s the extreme version of what I see when I’m pushed to my limit. God peels back each layer until he gets to the sin that I didn’t even know was there, and all I want to do is stuff it back inside and cling to it.

Gracia’s words gave a clarity to the words of the song above. The act of refining gold is to put it through an intense heat so that the impurities come to the surface and can be removed. Gracia went through more intensity than I can imagine, yet she allowed the impurities that surfaced to be recognized and worked on.

Even in my own little trials in life I have to not only see the sin that surfaces, but actually do something about it. Do it humbly and willingly.

As the rest of the evening moved on I saw people willing and eager to give their support to CEF of Montana. I saw people who love the Lord and love to see the children of Montana coming to know Jesus.

Thank you to everyone who attended and gave! We were able to take full advantage of the $15,000 matching grant!

CEF Banquet THIS Saturday!

cropped-banquet-1-1.jpgCEF’s annual fund gathering banquet is coming up soon! If you haven’t signed up already do it now!

If you are worried that you are past the date to sign up, don’t worry. You still can.

The day is this Saturday, May 4th, 2019. We would love to see you there!

This year we are excited to have Gracia Burnham as our main speaker! If you don’t know about Gracia you can check out this page. Or you can hear a radio interview here!

When you come you can hear Gracia’s amazing story. You will also get to see what God has been doing through CEF of Montana!

CYIA 2019!


Would you be willing to give

God just one summer?


What is CYIA?

In simplicity, Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) is a ministry for teens! Child        Evangelism Fellowship® trains teens to put on 5 Day Clubs®. These are like high octane VBS’s. Teams of teens then travel around Montana during the summer months putting on these clubs with local churches.

(Need to be 13 by June 1)

Training Information

CYIA training takes place at Heritage Christian School in Bozeman, MT. Training will be June 9th– June 22nd, 2019.

Students stay at the school during the duration of the training. Class rooms become the dorms. Teens bring their own bedding!

First week is mainly academic as we train the CYIAers to put on the 5 Day Clubs.

Second week we have them put on 5 Day Clubs and evaluate, turning the head knowledge into ministry to the children!

There is always a spiritual emphasis in the CYIA ministry to challenge the teens to grow in their relationship with the Lord!

Cost: $350 for the two week training. This includes the teens summer ministry kits, t-shirts worn during the summer and room and board for the two weeks.

Summer Ministry

June 24th through August 18th, 2019

CYIAers are required to serve for four (4)  weeks during the summer ministry period. (July 4th week is taken off)

CYIAers are assigned to teams that travel throughout Montana to put on the 5 Day Clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can’t afford the training?

Our experience has shown that God provides for the teens to do this ministry. Many churches help provide funds for the teens. People get excited about teens serving and are more than willing to help! CEF of Montana also has some limited funds for scholarships.

  • Will there be any other costs for my teen during the summer?

CEF of Montana and churches cover the travel costs and meals throughout the summer. Teens should have some spending money for snacks or souvenirs. If your teen attends the State Fair in Billings they would need funds for riding rides, etc.

  • Will I have to drive my teen all over the state?

CEF of Montana works with parents to keep travel for families to a minimum. We try to do most of the driving for you. We would set up a meeting place near by and then drive students the rest of the way. We try to schedule them with 5 Day Clubs that are closer to your home. We also have teens stay at the State Directors home over weekends to help cut down on travel for parents. We usually travel to churches on Sunday evening and return either Friday evening or Saturday morning depending on the location. We do our very best to keep your travel at a minimum!

  • Who are the drivers for CEF?

All drivers will either be CEF Staff, State Board members, CEF Volunteers or CEF Interns for the summer. (18 as a minimum)

  • How does CEF work to protect my son or daughter?

1) All CEF staff, Interns and CEF volunteers have had a criminal background check and references questioned.

2) We have a three person rule. All activities require a minimum of three people involved so that no adult is alone with a teen. Parents are called and worked with if this situation arises do to circumstances we can’t control.

3) Anyone 18 and over who will have a connection with the teens (housing hosts, their families and volunteers participating in the 5 Day Clubs) will also have background checks and references questioned.

4) We have curfews and strict rules on where guys and girls can be.

5) We work to have guys and girls stay in separate host homes when possible.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

          State Director Dave Howe

          Contact info: 406-595-1038

How soon do I need to let CEF of Montana know I am planning being a part of CYIA?

The sooner the better. We need to coordinate the number of teens with the number of churches we are partnering with.


Please let Dave Howe know as soon as you can that you intend to participate.


Fill out the application at our website:

Applications are due by:   May 1, 2019.

You may be surprised that God will have you do more summers than “Just One”!





Gracia Burnham on 99.1

No photo description available.CEF of Montana is excited to have Gracia Burnham as the Speaker for this year’s Fund raising banquet. Her story of hope in such a terrible time inspires us to continue the work CEF is doing throughout Montana.

We are also excited to announce that this Wednesday, April 17, at 10:55AM Gracia Burnham will be on the radio!

Tune in to 99.1 The One or go to the website where you can listen online