Summer of 2019: Week 6

The week of August 5-9 was definitely packed for the CEF team.

Josiah led a team that went to Helena. Dave and his team went to Billings. Jennifer took a team to Deer Lodge. Chris led a team in Butte. Ayla led a team in Gardiner.

And to top it all off on Friday, August 9th the Billings Fair began. Some of us went straight from our rallies from the clubs to the fair and immediately started painting faces.

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We’ve had a couple of big storms come through at the fair, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from coming! Reinforcements cam on Sunday afternoon and now we have a full team ready to share the gospel with hundreds of children this week.


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Summer of 2019: Week 5


This week Chris took a team to Montana City, Dave took a team to Drummond, Jennifer and Sheylah were in Anaconda and Doug, Josiah, and Ayla has a team in Billings!

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Summer of 2019: Week 4

The week of July 22-26 has been a big week!

One large team went with Dave and Josiah to do a VBS in Malta. There were 120 kids that registered for that VBS! That team also did a 5 Day Club that week in Dodson as well.

A second team went to Bozeman with Chris to do clubs

A third team was in Helena led by Ayla and Jennifer.

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Not only are kids all over Montana hearing the gospel, but the adults who come to the rallies are hearing as well. We may not see the end result all the time, but we are planting the seeds.

We have seen kids receive Jesus as this summer though. It brings a kind of excitement nothing else can produce.

Please continue to pray for the clubs. There are two more weeks of clubs for the CYIAers as well as the Billings Fair. The same amount of work and energy is still needed even though everyone is getting tired. Pray that the teens and leaders will rely on God’s power to give the same quality of 5 Day Club that they gave at the beginning of the summer.



Summer of 2019: Week 3

CEF of Montana has passed the halfway point of the summer and nothing has slowed down at all!

I had the privilege of joining the team doing a VBS in Cardwell last week and had so much fun with the kids. I enjoyed getting to see Megan, Keeley, and Angela grow in their teaching throughout the week. They even let me teach a couple of verses and songs!

Dave took a team over to Plentywood last week as well and Chris, Jennifer, and Josiah led several clubs over in Manhattan. However, due to the business of the weekend, I wasn’t able to find out how those clubs went. Though it looks like there were over 30 kids that came to clubs in Plenty wood and over 90 kids at the clubs in Manhattan!

The next week of clubs started almost immediately as Dave left Sunday morning with a large group going to Malta for the week. We also have clubs in Helena and Bozman going on this week.

The work won’t stop until the summer is over as the CYIAers continue to share the gospel with kids all over Montana. Please continue to pray for them as they trust God for each day and moment of each club.

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Summer of 2019: Week 2

The 4th of July provided a break for the week for all the CYIAers and no clubs happened that week.

However, the teens jumped right back into the 5 Day Clubs the next week.

Jennifer and Ayla led some clubs in Butte, Chris and Doug led clubs in Bozman, Dave led a group doing clubs in Havre, and Josiah led a VBS in Gallatin Gateway.

The leaders all had stories to share about having fun with the kids and having fun with each other as they taught clubs.

The best stories though were about the kids that believed in Jesus as their savior. The team in Butte had seven kids believe in Jesus in the first two days of the club. The club in Havre had one girl who wanted to trust in Jesus so much she was shaking as she prayed.

The teens have only been working for a couple of weeks, but they have already touched many lives with the work they are doing.

On top of that, the parents of these kids are coming to the rallies at the end of every week and are hearing the gospel as well.

We are excited to see the work that God is doing this summer and we can’t wait to discover more of what God had planned for this summer!

Summer of 2019: Week 1

The Summer of 5 Day Clubs has begun! This last week starting June 24th three teams of teenagers put on five different 5 Day Clubs. Two were in Belgrade, Two were in Wilsall, and One was in Gardiner.

It wasn’t just the teens doing the work though. It was clear that God had his hand in each club, influencing the kids.

In Gardiner Derek and Angela worked together as a team led by Ayla.

In Wilsall Seth, Bella, and Megan put on their clubs under Dave’s leadership.


In Belgrade, there were more clubs happening throughout the week with Josiah, Billy, Alyssah, and Reese!

The CYIAers were given the week of Independence day off, but they will be ready to go again this coming week!

CYIA 2019: Commencement Banquet

The final day of CYIA ended with every teenager earning a certificate. Their hard work continued up until the hours before the banquet started.

Now they are ready to embark on the adventure that waits for each of them this summer. They have learned all of their lessons, learned all the songs, taught their first club, and now they are ready to put it into practice.

The banquet had some amazing food made by Kathy Howe, Anna Grinder, and Charlene Ball that everyone enjoyed.

The CYIAers then displayed some of what they had been learning by singing some songs, teaching a verse, and teaching about one of the songs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy experiencing what the teens have been learning and getting to know one another.

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Clubs have already started and the teens are using their training to teach kids all over Montana about Jesus and the good news He brings.