CEF of Montana Changes

We wanted to let you know about a couple of changes that are taking place at CEF of Montana. 

Our State Director, Dave Howe, has let us know that he is moving on to a new adventure and has retired from CEF of Montana. He has begun his responsibilities as interim pastor of a church in Ennis, MT. This kind of change can be a challenge and we are thankful that processes are in place. There are willing and capable hands remaining and our purpose remains the same. “To evangelize boys and girls, to disciple them in the Word of God, and to establish them in the local church!”

Chris and Megan Peabody and Lauren Grinder have been learning and preparing to take on more responsibilities in this transition. Their collective experience and passion for the Ministry gives us confidence, but more importantly, their desire to seek God’s will in both their personal lives and in the Ministry gives us peace. Please pray for them as they navigate the months ahead.

The State Board is also taking on more responsibility as we begin working with CEF USA to identify our new State Coordinator, which is the first step of becoming State Director. Dave and the board are fully behind Chris as State Coordinator, but as with any decision of this magnitude , it requires prayerful consideration and time. We are also committed to help with logistics, continually encourage, and to do a greater part in the fundraising efforts. Please pray for us as we manage this change, continue to seek board members, and strive to keep finances from becoming a concern.

In Christ,
Adam Sinnema
Chairman, State Board, CEF of Montana

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