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One summer Internship for Child Evangelism Fellowship® will bring you…


CEF of Montana Internship

CEF of Montana will provide a work environment for Christian college students or college-age young people that will give them experience in organization, promotion, leadership, discipleship, and training. Interns will lead teams of our CYIA™ teenagers to put on  5 Day Clubs® for churches throughout the state of Montana!

In simplicity, Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) is a ministry for teens. Child        Evangelism Fellowship® trains teens to put on 5 Day Clubs. These are like a high octane VBS. Teams of teens then travel around Montana during the summer months putting on these clubs with local churches.

Visit for more information about these ministries.

“If I would have known ahead of time the experience I was going to gain this summer, I would have said yes in a heartbeat, like right away!”   

Jennifer Fountain (2018,2019 Intern)

Summer Internship 2020

CEF of Montana will work very hard to mentor, train and equip you so that you will have a successful internship.

Montana Bible College offers up to 7 credits for our internship.

This is an excellent opportunity!

Training specific to the internship

(June 2-June 13)

  • Learn about CEF, CYIA and 5 Day Clubs
  • Leadership Training
  • Ministry Training
  • Team Building
  • Prayer focus for CYIAers coming to training
  • Follow up with all potential CYIAers
  • Help in preparation for CYIA

training camp

 CYIA Training with Teens

(June 14-27)

  • Attend CYIA training school
  • Attend CYIA to build relationships and disciple teens attending


Summer Ministry with teens

(June 29-August 16)

  • You will be leading a team of teens that travel around Montana. The team puts on 5 Day Clubs that minister to children
  • You will be pouring into the lives of the teens on your team
  • You will be working with Pastors and volunteers


Impact your future and do something this summer that your future you will thank you for!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get paid for this internship?

You are considered a volunteer. CEF of Montana will be happy to provide assistance to help you raise funds for the summer. This can usually be done through your home church.

  • Will there be any costs for me?

CEF of Montana and churches cover the housing, travel costs and meals throughout the summer. Having spending money for snacks, souvenirs or rides at the State Fair would be the only extra costs for you.

  • Where will I stay?

CEF of Montana and churches provide housing throughout the summer.

  • Do I need to have a vehicle?

No. CEF of Montana will provide transportation. If you do have a vehicle that you are willing to use, we will pay you mileage for that usage.

  • Will I have any time off?

The week of July 4th is a week we don’t have ministry. If you have a special event during the summer you would like to attend we will do our best to work with you.

  • Do I need any specific experience?

No. Just a willingness to learn and a heart to be used by God! We will do our very best to equip and prepare you!

How soon do I need to let CEF of Montana know I desire to be an intern this summer?

The sooner the better. The number of interns we have helps us determine the number of teams we can send out during the summer

Please let Dave Howe know as soon as you can that you intend to participate.

Application is on our website:

Applications are due by:

April 15, 2020



What’s Next?

Ready to fill out the application? Go to this link, print out all 8 parts of the application, fill out and mail/scan back to us 

Internship Application

If you need more information please contact CEF of Montana for more information!

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