CYIA 2019: Learning To Teach

The week is already halfway over, but a lot has already been accomplished. Most of the teens have said the wordless book and received a “Well done!”. Some have even started on the Bible lesson. They are all working hard to learn what they need.

The days are full of learning. Wednesday was full of learning to do the Bible lesson and Thursday is was full of learning to do the Missionary Story, memory verses, and to introduce songs.

The teens aren’t just learning the material they are going to teach, they are also learning how to teach effectively. How to add excitement to the stories, how to involve the kids, and how to hold their visuals. The Bible lesson has the extra challenge of including applications to teach the kids.

In the evenings we get the privilege to hear from Adam Burt during chapel as well as for some devotions in the morning. He’s been challenging the teens in their view of God and their relationship with Him.

Of course, there are also plenty of breaks with games and singing songs for the clubs. Everyone is learning to get out of their comfort zone and join in the fun, and we are all getting to know each other in the process.

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