CYIA Training 2019

Each day Dave has reminded all of the CYIAers, “This is going to be a challenge”. These teens know that what they are learning to do won’t be easy. Yet they press ahead, adding excitement to their nervousness and anticipation.


The first day of training was all about the wordless book. Each color of the page has specific points they need to learn, memorize, and present. Everyone struggles with the wordless book, even those who have done it before. It’s the first big hurdle the teens need to leap over in order to continue with training. It’s also one of the hardest.

After teaching all about the wordless book, we give the teens plenty of study time. Study time that is guided. First, they get to read through and learn the wordless book. Then each teen gets to pick an object, whether it’s the wall, or a pole, or the bleachers, to say the wordless book to. After that, they get to another teen.

From then on we leave it up to them, but we also get them to try a practicum before them might be ready so they know what to work on.



Of course, the days aren’t all study and learning. There are several break times as well as an exciting recreation time at the end of the day including an obstacle course and blindfolds. Together they are still learning the things we taught them on the first day. To strive together, work as a team, trust their leaders, and above all, to listen for God’s voice above any others.




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