CEF of Montana Staff Meeting

Being part of a staff meeting  sounds so important, especially to someone as young and inexperienced as I am. It means getting to be part of a team. To be included in a group of adults and be considered an equal.

The staff meeting that happened on Thursday, March 28 emphasized that even more.

The topic was CYIA (Christian Youth in Action). The entire day was spent going over the schedule for those two weeks of training. We asked questions, made suggestions and changes, and came up with a good plan for those crucial weeks of summer.

As a previous CYIAer I was excited to be a part of the planning. CYIA took two summers from my life and helped me to grow, not just as a person, but as a child of God. Even as I asked questions and made my own suggestions I knew that I was helping to impact the lives of more teens.

Please pray as the planning for CYIA continues into the details of what will be taught. Pray for the teenagers as well. That this will be a time where they take the faith they have in God and make it their own. And pray that as they do that they will realize God’s desire for each teen to share the gospel with everyone around them.


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