Spruce The Caboose Fundraiser!

All summer we have been letting you know about our face painting caboose and the work that needs to be done on it. We were able to do all the repairs we wanted to get done and now we are using it at the fair!

The outside has been repainted and the top piece has been redone. The inside has been painted, had molding put in, and new LED lights added around the ceiling. New shelves have been built to better fit the space. A new air conditioning unit has been installed. The benches have been replaced with cushioned chairs for the painters. The signs have been updated out front. We have a new banner for out front with CEF of Montana’s logo.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping fix up the caboose! Please continue to pray for us as we paint faces and share the gospel at the fair this week! So far we have already painted over 1,900 faces!

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