Staff and Board Meeting- October 3, 2020

If you receive our Praises and Prayer Requests email, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been asking for a lot of prayer for our board and staff meeting on October 3rd. Getting everyone together is a big deal, not only because of COVID, but also because the CEF of Montana staff and the state board don’t get to interact a whole lot. This is mostly due to the fast that the board members are spread out all over the state.

Dry Creek Bible Church allowed up to use their building to have the meeting and even provided a delicious lunch for us! We are very grateful that they allowed us to use their building and for their hospitality

The meeting was centered around reviewing our goals for 2020 and coming up with goals for 2021. It was good to go back and look at what we had planned for 2020 and how much it changed from what we had hoped. God has a way of interrupting everyone’s best laid plans and CEF of Montana is no different. Yet, even with COVID interrupting so much of our work it was amazing to see what we did accomplish, especially when it came to the summer ministry.

Looking forward to 2021 was very inspiring. CEF of Montana is hoping to grow every year. Getting to see all of the areas for potential growth in our ministry made me excited to see the work that God is going to do, not only in the coming year, but in the years to come.

The meeting felt very uniting. CEF of Montana has always wanted to work as a team, and having this meeting brought the team together. We still had to social distance, and one of our board members attended through a video call, but talking about our goals all together put everyone on the same page.

We’re excited to see what God has in store for our ministry and for our staff and board. Please continue to pray for us as we work to reach Montana’s children with the gospel through the local churches.

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