CYIA Begins!

Christian Youth in Action began on Sunday afternoon! Nineteen teenagers arrived at the training and jumped right in to learning.

The first night the teens learned about CEF of Montana, CYIA, what they will be doing this summer, and got to know each other.

Day 1 of training the teens spent the whole day focused on their spiritual lives. Dave prepared several messages around the life of Gideon that challenged the teens in their walk with God. The entire day was focused around these messages and by the end of the day every person that was present during these messages had something to share about how they were challenged to grow in their walk with God!

On day 2 the hard work began. The first thing the teenagers learn about is how to share the gospel. They spent several hours in class learning how to present the wordless book. Then they spent several more hours practicing to do it themselves.

None of this has been easy for any of them. All nineteen teenagers are being challenged. The next two weeks won’t be easy for them, but we are looking forward to seeing them grow and come out on the other side excited about what they have learned.

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