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We simply want to be a tool the local church uses to reach their community!

We bring a highly trained team to work with the church to put on aWe Bring a Team!

VBS in the Park

(5 Day Clubs)

A 2-2.5 hour high octane event including dynamic games, many fun songs with motions, exciting time of memorizing scripture, a

relatable evangelistic Bible lesson, a moving missionary story, and an educational and

entertaining review game! Weekends with an energizing RALLY to connect folks to the church!

This team

can put on the whole VBS or share the ministry with the church. It just depends on the level of involvement the church desires.


Our expectation is that the church takes ownership of the ministry and we will adjust our role based on…

  • Level of involvement by Church
  • Location or Locations
  • Time Frame
  • Possible additions (Craft time)

A CEF Ministry coordinator will be assigned to the church to work out the details of the VBS!

About the Team

The team is made up of teenagers who are part of a ministry we call Christian Youth in Action™.


They are thoroughly trained in early June and travel throughout the state of Montana in the summer months putting on this VBS ministry.

It is an excellent ministry for teens! It can become a time when faith   becomes a reality to them!

We would love to share with your teens about this incredible ministry opportunity for them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the church?

CEF of Montana does not charge for our services. If we bring a team in to do a VBS in the Park we ask the church to host our team for the week.

How does CEF fund this ministry?

We believe God provides funding for His ministry. We trust God’s people and churches to give to our ministry as He leads them.

What time frame is needed to train those who are involved with VBS?

We are very flexible with working with the church to make it happen. All training is done for free.

What size team do you bring for the VBS in the Park?

A normal team would usually consist of an adult leader and 2-4 teens.

How does CEF help us prepare for VBS/5 Day Clubs?

A Ministry Coordinator will work with the Pastor or Church coordinator. We have an agreement form and instruction sheet so it is clear what must be done. We also provide promotional material.

Is the church responsible for doing background checks?

CEF of Montana provides the background checks for all those who will have contact with the children or teens.

Feel free to contact CEF of Montana with any questions!



Contact Information

PO Box 974 Whitehall MT 59759


Email: office@cefofmontana.com

 How can we serve you?


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