Summer of 2019: Week 4

The week of July 22-26 has been a big week!

One large team went with Dave and Josiah to do a VBS in Malta. There were 120 kids that registered for that VBS! That team also did a 5 Day Club that week in Dodson as well.

A second team went to Bozeman with Chris to do clubs

A third team was in Helena led by Ayla and Jennifer.

Not only are kids all over Montana hearing the gospel, but the adults who come to the rallies are hearing as well. We may not see the end result all the time, but we are planting the seeds.

We have seen kids receive Jesus as this summer though. It brings a kind of excitement nothing else can produce.

Please continue to pray for the clubs. There are two more weeks of clubs for the CYIAers as well as the Billings Fair. The same amount of work and energy is still needed even though everyone is getting tired. Pray that the teens and leaders will rely on God’s power to give the same quality of 5 Day Club that they gave at the beginning of the summer.



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