Summer of 2019: Week 2

The 4th of July provided a break for the week for all the CYIAers and no clubs happened that week.

However, the teens jumped right back into the 5 Day Clubs the next week.

Jennifer and Ayla led some clubs in Butte, Chris and Doug led clubs in Bozman, Dave led a group doing clubs in Havre, and Josiah led a VBS in Gallatin Gateway.

The leaders all had stories to share about having fun with the kids and having fun with each other as they taught clubs.

The best stories though were about the kids that believed in Jesus as their savior. The team in Butte had seven kids believe in Jesus in the first two days of the club. The club in Havre had one girl who wanted to trust in Jesus so much she was shaking as she prayed.

The teens have only been working for a couple of weeks, but they have already touched many lives with the work they are doing.

On top of that, the parents of these kids are coming to the rallies at the end of every week and are hearing the gospel as well.

We are excited to see the work that God is doing this summer and we can’t wait to discover more of what God had planned for this summer!

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