CYIA 2019: Commencement Banquet

The final day of CYIA ended with every teenager earning a certificate. Their hard work continued up until the hours before the banquet started.

Now they are ready to embark on the adventure that waits for each of them this summer. They have learned all of their lessons, learned all the songs, taught their first club, and now they are ready to put it into practice.

The banquet had some amazing food made by Kathy Howe, Anna Grinder, and Charlene Ball that everyone enjoyed.

The CYIAers then displayed some of what they had been learning by singing some songs, teaching a verse, and teaching about one of the songs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy experiencing what the teens have been learning and getting to know one another.

Clubs have already started and the teens are using their training to teach kids all over Montana about Jesus and the good news He brings.



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