CYIA 2019: Teaching Into Practice

Monday morning brought a new experience for most of our CYIAers. They were all broken up into groups and sent off to do four different 5 Day Clubs. Three were right next door at a preschool. For the fourth, we partnered with Fellowship Baptist Church here in Bozeman.

All the clubs did very well, especially for the first one. The kids at the clubs had fun playing games, singing songs, and listening to the stories. The teens quickly discovered that they weren’t as prepared as they thought they were.

No classroom can teach how to handle a group of four-year-olds that only hear every other thing you tell them. No amount of warning can prepare you to handle distractions and quickly moving attention spans. These things, along with others, have to be experienced in order to actually learn them.

The teens have also been finding that no matter how prepared they are, the chaos of the moment can make all their careful study and preparation disappear from their minds. It’s only by trying again and fixing their mistakes that the training will truly stick with them.

Of course, the teens also had fun. Playing with and teaching a group of kids will always have its perks.

There was also a bit of fun with some packages sent in the mail for EVERYONE. (Thanks Jesse and Beccah Joe) We had fun discovering what was inside and reading the fun notes that went along with them. (Though Megan might have a talk with Jesse about her package)

The rest of the day was filled with preparation for the next day’s club and working on more practicums.





And me? I’m making a special surprise for everyone

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