Living Up To A Higher Standard

Each Intern here at training is hard at work, making sure they are prepared for CYIA and the summer to come. At this point, all three interns have finished all of the Missionary Story practicums along with song and verse practicums. All that’s left is the Bible Lesson Practicums.


However, the Bible Lesson standard has been raised this year for the Interns and the Leaders in Training as well. It is assumed that the Interns understand how to tell a Bible  Lesson, but how well can they apply it to the kids they are teaching?

The point is to challenge the kids. As a result, the Interns have to be challenged themselves.

Of course, the most challenging part of the training isn’t even the practicums. Ayla, Josiah, and Jennifer are learning what it really means to be a leader within CEF of Montana. With each day they are adding new responsibilities to what is expected of them this summer.

IMG_0851.JPGYet as daunting as it is, they are still working hard and willing to step up and accept the challenge. They know it will be hard and even frustrating at times, but they know that they won’t be alone. God’s strength and protection will always be there when they need it.

It’s going to be a busy summer! But it’s going to be an amazing and incredible summer as well!


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