Internship Training!

The summer has officially begun for CEF of Montana! Internship training has started and has come at full swing.

Tuesday morning started after a fun Memorial day with plenty to do. The intern’s binders had to be fixed and added to with some finishing touches. 5 Day Club tubs were pulled apart and put back together again. Then pulled apart again when the UPS truck showed up with more supplies for the 5 Day Clubs.


Jennifer Fountain, an intern for her second year, helped out all day long doing most of the grunt work. I enjoyed listening to the fun banter and sarcasm happening between Jennifer, Chris, and Dave as I went about my own work.

Josiah showed up in time for dinner after a long drive across the state to get here.

Ayla arrived just as dinner was wrapping up and the rest of the evening was spent getting to know one another.

Ayla and Jennifer are already good friends, but Josiah seemed to have a good time seeing their quirks come out as the conversation went on.


One question that Dave asked everyone was “What are you expecting from this summer?”. The answers ranged from wanting more confidence and enthusiasm to growing in their walk with God. It will be interesting to see what God does with each of these individuals this summer and how He will use them in His ministry.

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