CEF of Montana Board Training

    CEF of Montana has been growing and changing the last couple of years. One particular aspect of that change has been the board. Some members have retired from their positions and more member have been added on to replace them.


    Together the board members have been making important and essential decisions for CEF of Montana. They have all been doing a great job of considering what God has planned for CEF of Montana and seeking His wisdom for each decision they make.

    On April 26-27 the board gathered together to go through some training in the hopes that they might be able to improve the board’s functionality.

    Together they learned exactly what the role of the board is. They did a performance review to see if they are functioning as they should. Plus they were able to enjoy one another’s company in the process.

Board member, Jason Reese and his impression of State Director, Dave Howe

    Hopefully this weekend will strengthen CEF of Montana’s board so each member can be equipped to make wise choices, as well as how to better serve the ministry.



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