Central Baptist Church in Lewistown MT Review

Central Baptist Lewistown hosts

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Five Day Clubs

Central Baptist Church hosted our first ever Child Evangelism Fellowship “Five Day Club” summer outreach in July.  Because we did our VBS at the beginning of the summer in early June, we decided this summer would be the perfect opportunity to invite Dave Howe and a team of young people to come and help us reach our community for Christ.

The process started when I met with Dave at last year’s MPACT meetings. We talked and I asked him to come and present the outreach opportunity. He came and explained the program and we set a date.  We then asked him to come again to train our children’s workers on CEF’s method of sharing Christ with Children and to share with our teens the opportunity to serve as summer missionaries with CEF.  Dave conducted both of these events at no charge to our church.  The training was excellent and the mission opportunity was well received.  While we did not recruit any young people for this summer, next summer has some real possibilities.

Our responsibility included hosting the volunteers in homes and securing two parks or open space public areas to conduct the clubs. We also canvassed the nearby neighborhoods a few days before the event inviting all kids to come.  They also require that the local church provide some folks from our church family to assist so as to make sure we have a local connection with the kids to do follow-up.

The clubs were held for five days, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Dave brought a well-trained team of four students to help lead the clubs.  They did an awesome job.  We registered 35 kids ages 5-12.  The clubs go for 90 minutes and are fast moving, including some great games, songs, memory verses, bible lessons and always a clear presentation of, and invitation to, the gospel.  The clubs are provided free to all families.  On Friday, we hosted a family night rally where we held a 30 minute program and again shared the gospel, followed by a meal and some fun.  I strongly encourage churches looking for an inexpensive and effective way to reach families in your community to give Dave Howe a call at 406-595-1038 or check it out at www.cefonline.com.

Written by:  Pastor Frank Burns

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