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CYIA Flyer 2018 2

CYIA Flyer 2018

5 Day Clubs

General information   

Important information about the student’s travel and availability this summer

  • Teens can be asked to travel anywhere in the state as needed
  • CEF will work to keep the travel distance to a minimum as much as possible
  • CEF will work to make arrangements for travel to be as convenient as much as possible
  • We have asked for a four-week minimum commitment this summer. More weeks can be done!
  • Due to when churches schedule clubs we may ask you for other weeks if possible

Need more information? Please contact us!

Ready to fill out the application? Click on CYIA Application Packet link. Print out all 8 forms, fill out and send them back to us. 

Mail: PO Box 974 Whitehall MT 59759                                                                                            OR                                                                                                                          Scan and Email:  

CYIA Application Packet

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