Beyond The Summer App

The Beyond the Summer App is an app for teenagers who are a part of the ministry Christian Youth in Action. It gives them the ability to stay connected with the  teens that they worked with over the summer. 

The app has a few different features

  • A group chat where students can visit and catch up with each other. 
  • A section called “What Has God Been Teaching You”- This is a place where the teens can share what they have been learning in devotionals, at church, youth group, or just things they are discovering as they live life
  • A place to put prayer requests
  • A devotional that is put out by one of the staff on a weekly basis 
  • And a place for announcements for the Teens
  • With more features to come 🙂

We wanted to make the app a safe place where teens can stay connected and encourage one another. 

  • The app is a closed web app that is secure so not just anyone can access it. 
  • Our office admin actually makes the login and then sends a link to the teen so they can access the app.
  • We won’t give out a login to a teen without the parents’ permission.
  • The app is monitored by the staff consistently.

Is your teen interested in being part of the Beyond the Summer App, let us know! We’d love to connect with you!