5-Day Club is like a high octane VBS that can go on the road. Take your ministry to the kids; don’t wait for them to come to church. Think of the places where kids are during the summer; community centers, daycare’s, parks, apartment complexes, trailer parks and a variety of other places. These are the places your church will want to use 5-Day Club as a tool to reach into your community! (See video below)

The 5-Day Club meets once a day for five days.  Churches have had great success with choosing two to three locations in nearby neighborhoods to have a week of 5-Day Club. On the last day of the week a rally or special event is held at the church. The relationship building that has taken place all week long helps bring the children and their families to the church. It is a great connecting point to the church!

Most churches encourage their teens to participate in Christian Youth In Action. A ministry of CEF® that thoroughly trains teens in all aspects of the 5-Day Club! They become trained to teach a Bible lesson, counsel a child for salvation, teach a missionary story, songs and much more! The teens then spend a portion of the summer putting on the 5-Day Club for churches!

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